Character Improvement

Advancement Points

Improvement Point Cost
Focus a Trained Skill 1
Specialize a focused skill 2
Specialize a trained skill 3
Add a new skill to a weird mode The cost of the skill


Whenever you complete a significant milestone, you gain an experience- a boost related to the events of the volume. This can reference a notable act, a lesson learned, a loss suffered, or anything else that happened during the volume that’s worth writing down.

When you gain an experience, it sticks around until you use it, even if that means it’s on your sheet through multiple issues or volumes. In every other respect, an experience is just like a boost. After invoking an experience, draw a line through it, but leave it on your character sheet. When you have three crossed-out experiences at the end of an issue, erase them all. You can never have more than three recorded experiences.

Character Improvement

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