Aya Colony


Transient-class settlement Aya Colony was created through a joint effort by the Horizon Mining Dynamics corporation and the Lamb Innovations multistellar.

Originally a mining colony created to harvest starship fabrication materials from the 43P/Aya comet, once hollowed out sufficiently it sought classification as a transient-class settlement from the DSWV. Bribes followed, and the Aya Colony was established, though it was not until the intervention by Lamb Innovations that it became a stable colony with hyperjump capability.

Currently there are tensions between the Horizon and Lamb corporations, as each vie for economic and political control over Aya Colony’s future. It seems that Lamb has the upper hand at the moment; shrewd political maneuvering and no few assassinations have recently instated Xartian Haley Murphy as the governor of the settlement.

Aya Colony

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