Tana Carud

Humanoid Cat Space Trader



Concept Aspect:
Good Mode Aspect: Guns Akimbo!
Fair Mode Aspect: Crazy Cloning Cat (Lady)
Average Mode Aspect: Cornucopia IV
Omega Aspect:


Good Mode (+3): Action
Fair Mode (+2): Psiontist
Average Mode (+1): Banter


Name Rating Mode Rank
Provoke (+5) Action Specialized
Combat (+4) Action Focused1
Notice (+4) Action Focused
Athletics (+3) Action Trained
Bioengineering (+3) Psiontist Focused1
Deceive (+3) Psiontist Focused
Empathy (+3) Psiontist Focused
Physique (+3) Action Trained
Rapport (+3) Psiontist Focused
Vehicles (+3) Action Trained
Will (+3) Psiontist Focused
All Sciences (+2) Psiontist Trained
Telepathy (+2) Psiontist Trained
Contacts (+1) Banter Contacts

1 increased from Trained


Signature Plasma Pistols: +1 to attack or create an advantage with Combat when using her plasma pistols.
Armor-Threaded Leathers: Armor: 2
Fine-striped Fur: +2 to defend with Physique against harsh climates and temperatures.




Having travelled some of the furthest reaches of space, Tana Carud is a humanoid cat space trader who lives on her trader ship, Cornucopia IV with her small companion, SoM (Son of Mushroom). Tana is an experienced gunslinger and skilled in scientific tech, especially bioengineering and cloning. In her armor-threaded leathers and favored plasma pistols on each hip, she also has fine striped fur that protects from harsh climates and temperatures. SoM is a cat from many cloned generations, has great telepathic capabilities and shares a psychic bond with Tana. Her ship is fast, well-armored, easily piloted, but minimally armed.

Tana Carud

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