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At 2.2 meters tall PA’shua is short for a Maloderian. Somewhat the runt of his settings he stopped growing early in his thirtieth cycle. While the remainder of his adolescence was relatively normal, this did tend to give his body more time to develop some of the more dynamic tendencies of his species.


Born and raised to a wealthy Maloderian merchant family, Pa’shua was drafted to serve a ten year term in the armed forces during the Trade Lane Wars. It quickly became apparent that he was a masterful pilot and was assigned to a fleet carrier group.
After seven years in service, and fifty four fleet engagements had racked up an impressive twenty eight confirmed kills, nearly forty disables, and been shot down or forced to withdraw only ten times.
It was in that fifty fourth engagement that his fleet group was all but destroyed. His fighter was still minutes out as the last dockable ship jumped away leaving a few dozen smaller ships to be slaughtered by enemy fire. Acting quickly he hid his tiny fighter in the wreckage of some of the larger ships, and waited for the enemy to leave.
While he waited he came to realize he could easily die out here. Maybe not this time, but maybe the next. This was not to be a death of his choosing. This was not a fight he was willing to die for.
When the cost was clear, he made his way to the nearest neutral station in the system, ditched his ship, and called home. After days of tense negotiations the family council decided to assist PA’shua in starting a small trade enterprise, he would then have to raise the moderate funds needed to pay his commutation from service fee for the remainder of his term of service, as well as the significant funds needed to pay the additional fees for being AWOL.
Now, several years after those dark days that changed his life from one of honored, decorated, combat pilot, to a dealer in all things rare and exotic, his business is stable, and reputation is strong. His accounts are coming close to having enough credits to pay off his debt to the Malorian government, and still have a comfortable balance. ….and then he can start to repay his family for loaning him the funds to keep safe, and start his business in the first place.
But he isnt there yet. If he needed to he could close every last account, and sell every last stashed away antiquity and pay his primary debt… but living with only enough credits for a few months of fuel and food is no way to live… at least not for someone with a civilized upbringing.


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